Sunday, May 21, 2017

What I'm on About

Before I start blogging in earnest, I should try to explain what exactly I'm on about. Why should I write this blog and, more importantly (at least for you), why should you read it?

I've named the blog Veritas. (Possibly because I'm a snob who uses Latin names to sound smarter than I actually am). Veritas (truth) is the thing that ties together all the other things I am interested in. It is the common melody to the disparate songs I sing.
Truth, not truth; certainly not truthiness. There is no room for alternate facts here. The goal is to explore capital t Truth. Truth in law. Truth in faith. Truth in policy.
We can seriously and sincerely disagree when we honestly seek Truth. To the extent we seek something lesser, our debates take on personal, unrighteous dimensions. Unrighteousness is not exactly a buzzword these days (neither is Truth), but it is the best word to describe the panoply of vices resulting from self-centered acts--whether that self be one individual or a group of individuals acting selfishly,
Truth is the thing we must aim for. It is the thing this blog aims for.

I am a lawyer married to a theologian. You can expect me to write about law and justice. Those posts will often steer towards the academic and jurisprudential. You can also expect to hear about theology and the practice of faith. I may try to be an academic theologian but don't be fooled; I am amateur with good help. You can also expect to hear about public policy. Every lawyer should be concerned about how the law affects people. Every lawyer should strive to make more perfect laws. So, other than sex, that about covers all the politics you should speak about at the dinner table. Should be fun.

Pilate once asked Jesus "what is Truth?" Jesus never answered. I may not always have that answer. I certainly never will have it fully. But every soul seeks Truth. Together, let us answer Pilate's question.